Artı & Artı

Company Profile

Artı & Artı, offering all-round services in corporate technology services, was established in 1998. With its customer focused approach and modern management approach, it is one of the leading companies in the information technology sector.

By forming business partnerships with the leading technology companies in the sector, products, solutions and services in different areas are on offer.

Our certified and professional staff consists of 209 people. We offer regional solutions and services with our business partners in 81 provinces throughout Turkey.

Our Artı & Artı organization has developed on a simple and straight line from the day of establishment.

The primary principle adopted by our expert staff is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Within the framework of this principle, we offer future technologies to our customers with high level engineering services.

As Artı & Artı Technology Services, our main priority is to establish long term relationships with our customers, offering new technologies to our customers within this process.

Artı & Artı, is one of technology giant HP’s largest business partners. Is the Authorized Service Center for HP Service Services Is the largest authorized service centre with service provide product range and high business volume capacity.


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  • HP - Highest Turnover Contract Print Services Business Partner
  • HP Gold DesignjetProductionSpecialist
  • AcronisSiver Partner
  • HP Platinum Partner
  • Avnet & HP Most Elitepad 1000 Sales Award
  • Avnet & HP Most Thin Client Sales Award
  • HP Highest Turnover Thin Client Business Partner
  • HP Platinum Business Partner Showing Highest Growth
  • Avnet & HP Highest Turnover Data Storage
  • Avnet & HP Highest Turnover
  • HP Highest Turnover Data Storage Systems
  • Avnet & HP Thin Client In Place of PC Sales
  • HP Change Making EG SME Project
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Mission & Vision

To provide the best service, the most advanced technology, and the most functional products in the IT sector to our target customer group. By keeping our customer and employee value at the highest possible level, viewing all our work as a long term investment.
With the participation of all Artı & Artı employees, working with a team spirit aiming for success. By continuously increasing the value of the technology services we bring to our customers and society, offering the highest quality service, product and solutions in the IT sector, developing in parallel with continuously developing technologies.
Being the best company in our subject in the industry within the next 2 years. Bringing the services we provide to our customers to the highest possible level with our employees.

Our Values

Artı & Artı as an organization and with its employees, primarily focuses on customer satisfaction. By understanding all their needs and expectations, aims to offer more, and demonstrates all its knowledge, financial power and employee effort to do so. Thanks to never compromising on good business ethics, its success graph is ever increasing. In this way, it can continue any business relationship in a healthy manner.

In addition to this, the most important reason for the customer satisfaction we provide, is the love and respect among all employees within the organization. This is one of the most important values since the day we were established.

At the same time, thanks to the continuous technical training within the company, Artı & Artı has its name among one of the most successful technology companies. Artı & Artı aims to develop and exceed its previous quota with innovations and implements this.

Our organization

Continuously growing since the day of its establishment, the Artı & Artı Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. headquarters are located at 4. Levent. With our Bursa regional directorate, technology services are offered to large, small and medium scale corporate companies. With 106 service locations in 81 provinces in 7 regions of Turkey, 24/7 uninterrupted regional support services are provided.

We have a professional staff consisting of 219 people since 2010. Within the scope of the service there are 90 certification categories, 150 Certificates and 60 certified expert personnel. Of our professional employees, 70 % are engineers, system support experts and technicians, while 20 % are sales, and 10% administrative and management staff.
Artı & Artı Technology Services department distribution; ;

  • Project Engineering
  • Printing and Imaging
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Professional Support Services
  • Value Added Maintenance / Repair Services
  • Structural Cabling
  • Public Relations
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative Affairs
  • Human Resources

Our Social Responsibility

Artı & Artı Technology Services, with its social responsibility approach, in addition t the employment, growth and added value for economic benefits in the countries in which it operates, it also works for “sustainable development” in social and environmental issues from the day of its establishment. We develop and implement projects to improve social standards and remove the obstacles in the way of sustainable development.

Artı & Artı employees develop and carry out projects under the scope of Civic Involvement Projects. To date, projects aimed at women, the disabled, students and at risk children have been run, and scholarships given. Various cultural, art and environmental activities have been supported.