HP Warranty Services

Product Groups We Provide Service For

Data storage Backup Server Network Products

PC, Notebook, Tablet Thin Client and
Desktop Workstation
Performance Series and
Large Scale Monitor
Printer & Plotter

Benefit from our Prioritized Warranty Service

Standard Warranty Services

Are the services provided during the Standard Warranty Period of HP Hardware Products purchased or leased from Artı & Artı or HP. The Standard Warranty period begins on the date that the product is invoiced and the installation is completed by Artı & Artı. Artı & Artı offers services throughout Turkey under standard warranty services.

  Extended Warranty Services (Support Packages)

HP offers a range of additional support and service packages which can be purchased for your product. Buy your support packages for scope to expand your standard product warranty Artı & Artı services provide warranty service throughout Turkey.

Onsite Warranty Services

Artı & Artı provides collection and return services of products within warranty services. The scope of pickup and return service conditions in place, plus and plus takes the defective product from your location, repair it and deliver it back to your location. All repair and logistics costs in this process are covered by Artı & Artı.

  Service Centre Warranty Services

You can benefit from our services HP can bring it to our authorized service or send for repair under warranty by the HP hardware product.

Artı & Artı can provide HP Warranty Services throughout Turkey as ServiceOne Expert Partner.

HP ServiceOne Expert Certification means, one of the high performance solution partners which provide service and have completed all training in user (Pc, Printer, Plotter, Monitor) and system room (Server, Storage, Autoloader and Network Family), with the highest level of authority in HP products and solutions.

As HP’s exert partner, Artı & Artı can sell computer solutions and offer HP Contracted Contracts. It can provide HP Professional Services, HP Care Pack Services, and also needs based special flexible solutions.

Benefit from the advantages of working with a local partner supported by the global resources of HP. Support always ready for instant and emergency business needs. Instead of expending effort in order to solve a problem once it has occurred, ensuring the taking of precautions to prevent any possible problems. It provides solutions to customers to cover the complete life cycle of IT Solutions

Prefer Artı & Artı for your HP Warranty Services!

The purpose of this service coverage; is to be able to offer alternative options, minimize your risks, provide single point service and guarantee management, ensure you benefit from priority customer status and advantages, providing cost advantage, increasing customer satisfaction, reaching your reports through SLA management and in regular intervals, and finally being able to provide all these services at specific quality standards.

Alternative Options
Alternatives based on your location and positioned with inventory to take advantage of the warranty service options. Thanks to HP Warranty package options, the first product in providing prompts the standard warranty of your product according to the needs, you can extend close to the end or after the end of a short time if you want. Requested an extension of the warranty except in case of these options can be extended through private contracts still product warranty.
Minimize Your Risks
In case of failure of your hardware product that you are using to find solutions against software problems or technical specialists effort thanks Artı & Artı without effort to minimize your risk. In this way, experience the advantages of working without dealing with issues such as inability to obtain faulty part, high service fees and supply period.

One Stop Service and Warranty Service Management
The life cycle of your updated system room is regularly reported. If this occurs, fail manage the risk of your products with just a phone call or an e-mail with a repair covered by the agreement and commitment period of one partner.
Be Privileged
Served our customers with an agreement the purpose of the Technical Support Service, is to receive priority support in the service will request the company. Take advantage of all the privileges Artı & Artı has.

Reducing Costs
Different support outside the scope of the agreement will be reflected in the companies request to reduce the potential costs, faced with the bill, despite all the advantages over standard wages during the service will be.
Increasing Customer Satisfaction
By increasing communication between companies, customer sensitivity is kept in mind. Those who choose this way Artı & Artı not only the product or human resources, competence and impeccable support Pros & all the pros can look confidently to the future by taking back.

SLA Management and Reporting
To define the service level of the services to be provided in writing and after opening the duration of the call is to be determined under the agreement providing solutions. Thus, the service can be offered to our customers and reported in the regular monthly periods.
Quality Standards
In general, the same or similar techniques can be served with high quality personnel, is may benefit from other value-added services and solutions our company can provide. Upon request services, excluding or including parts (product, time and call-based) need to be offered to our customers optimally modeled.

Ensuring uninterrupted operation of your system, prevent accidents and loss of business from this service Benefit from the Artı & Artı privileges