Infrastructure and Structural Cabling Services

Analysis, Implementation, Testing, Certification, Warranty

Discovery and Design
The most important point is the use of structured cabling can be made right and proper equipment designed mania. Considering also projecting to grow the company, he later claimed, should be such that it allows the expansion. Properly established institutions with the infrastructure needs can be met for a long time in this area.

Artı & Artı IT services, our customers with certified technical staff and with the actual project experience in exploration and project services we offer.

Data Center Solutions
Artı & Artı, the physical infrastructure of the planning process, Data Center with installation planning and management process until all of the specialized staff serve customers. Current technology in parallel, is among the leading companies in the sector highly efficient and scalable data center solutions.

Data Center also security, strong electricity, air conditioning, strong internet infrastructure, system Chamber Monitoring, Precision Climate Control, Access and Biometrics, Fire Resistant Architectural Buildings and Raised Floor Systems, we provide the use of advanced technologies in many aspects like.

Application and Services
Labour is as important an issue as design. The quality of workmanship means the quality of the cabling infrastructure. Because the best brand of cabling products if you use your work performance is not good it would be wrong to wait.

Artı & Artı technology services to the professional staff and certified holistic view of network systems and structured cabling system that can be used seamlessly with its customers and years of experience, we have been building.

During the implementation period, as we endeavour to find solutions without losing the customers’ business. Right project, the right products and make the schedule and show the results of our main philosophy.

Customers living in the network infrastructure, we produce fast solutions by our expert technical staff to intervene immediately to problems.

Test, Certification and Reporting
The final stage of structured cabling is a very careful Test and Labelling work. First each line, customers are coded in accordance with the agreement with labelling standards. Is being tested to EIA/TIA standards with advanced testing and measuring devices. This test result is determined not appropriate terminated or disconnected or damaged cables and the necessary corrections are made. This process is continued until the test results of all ends are positive. Test results are transferred to computer environment and a copy presented to our customers.
System Performance Warranty Certificate
Our company is the certified and authorized installer of AMP, HCS, LEGRAND, DİGİTUS brands.

Standards and measuring results prepared in accordance with the completion of all project data is sent to the manufacturers recovered by us. Depending on reviews and tests on the data of the manufacturing company, we give the systems a 25 year or life time “System Performance Warranty Certificate” depending on the brand. Systems with these documents, are taken under warranty technologically by the manufacturer company.

Structured Cabling Products and Equipment

Our company is authorized product supplied of AMP, HCS, LEGRAND, DIGITUS, ESTAP, LANDE, ASRACK, DLX brands and certified installer.

All the products of the brands we supply, are certified products tested by independent laboratories that are suited to industry standards.

Copper Cabling
Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 Copper UTP and FTP cables, Standard, modular and curved Patch Panels, UTP and FTP Modular Keystone jack and sockets, different length and category patch cables between 30 CM and 20 Metres
Fiber Optic
Multi mode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and Single mode cables, fiber optic Patch Panels, Pig tail, cassette etc. termination equipment, Fiber Optic Patch cables
UPS and Network
ANTIGRON NYM cables, NYMHV TTR cables, Wi-Automat fuses, earth leakage circuit breakers, fuse boxes with clipboard and outlet groups

Rack Cabinet
Data Center and Server cabinets (26, 36, 42, 44, 46), cabling and active equipment cabinets, floors and wall-mounted distribution cabinet distribution cabinets
Cable Channel
DLX Legrand brands and channels in different sizes and dielectric UL94V0M1 standard (50x100, 50x102, etc.), Herringbone Channel, PVC, PVS-coated steel and galvanized steel spirals, Office outlet group block systems