Professional Services

The Same service Quality in 7 Regions and 81 Provinces of Turkey

In addition to the standard services to our customers, we also offer the infrastructure for the needs of managed services based on an appropriate model. Information technology infrastructure management responsibilities on us by our customers, we make sure to focus on their core business.
  • Call Management
  • Help Desk Management
  • Service Management Services
  • External Source Management Services
  • Inventory Management
Pros and Pros large and medium-sized organizations, planning of IT infrastructure from end to end on the configuration and management provides a shuttle service to end. Ensure more effective use of IT infrastructure and are fed back into the operational efficiency. Providing consulting services on all of our areas of expertise we provide appropriate solutions to customer needs idael.

Professional Services with our customers using new information technologies is aimed at speeding up and increasing the efficiency of business processes.
  • Project Management Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Installation Services
  • System Analysis (Site Survey)
  • Network Design & Engineering Services

Artı & Artı owned by HP ServiceOn the Expert parner able to provide service capabilities to all enterprise-level product group with HP. HP-branded product to the service center network in all of Turkey, in 7 regions and 81 provinces provides warranty services on behalf of HP.
  • Call Center
  • Defective Product Logistics Services
  • Maintenance-Repair
  • Warranty / Out of Warranty Services
  • Customer On-Site Repair Services
  • Customer Information
  • Reporting

With Artı & Artı, by signing a Professional Support Agreement, corporate solutions are developed for you for IT areas you deem at risk, for all your products regardless of brand, with our professional and certified engineers.
  • Regional 7x24 Support Services
  • Storage & Logistics Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Insertion & Removal Services (IMACD)
  • Installation Services
  • Moving Services
  • Repair & Upgrade Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Urgent Intervention
  • Software Update
  • Operating System Support Services

Artı & Artı technology services to the professional staff and certified holistic view of network systems and structured cabling system that can be used seamlessly with its customers and years of experience, we have been building.
  • Infrastructure Renewal Services
  • Regulatory Services
  • Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair Services

You can obtain all or a portion of the services from us
Under the title of Professional Support Agreements;

Wide Ranging Product Support
We are proud of being able to provide each of you in your Professional Support Services Türkieyes 81 provinces in all product groups and applications that require different expertise.Brand independent entire PC, Notebook, Monitor, Printer, Server, Storage, we are able to provide maintenance and repair services to Autoloader, and Network products.
Unlimited Support for Critical Applications
Server, Storage, autoloader, Network and Infrastructure, like all systems, regardless of the time we are able to shift the critical problems affecting the operation 7/24 support and monitoring services.Therefore, critical monitoring and management services for your products safely can request from us, with our value-added services and unlimited support can minimize our risk.
Periodic Maintenance
IT can ensure the removal of all protective measures for the continuous operation of your system, we identify with you at regular intervals and in time, all we are able to care for your individual product brands.As a result, your product during the agreement reduces the number of alarms, minimum risk to your hardware kaldırabilmekt idir and we can eliminate the downtime experienced.

Inventory Management
Professional Support Agreement to update the software and hardware inventory in general we serve our customers by signing the warranty to control the situation, to report to the authorities and according to the service we provide to management workflow. As Artı & Artı, we offer information and presentations about the benefits we provide to our customers with our Inventory Management software AssetPlus, one of our true areas of expertise. In this way, our customers can be done to convey how IT or external management of all owned inventory, integrating the system if we needed to give training and çıkarabilmekt the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Consignment Equipment Supply
Artı & Artı scope Professional Support Agreements, we konumlandırabilmekt entire consignment items in our service centers in Turkey due to the demand for critical equipment may come from our customers. Risk has taken the case of hardware failure occurs, the problem is resolved consignment items and service interruption until positioned in such a way as to minimize the scope of the agreement is changed by the location of the defective Artı & Artı. In this way, quality services can be provided with out professional and certified expert engineers at our Regional Support Centres for critical products according to the SLA level of our Customers, and service needs can be met at a maximum level through consignment products supporting their operations.
Support Agreement report regularly scheduled monthly updates of the services we provide to our customers who have signed and satisfaction is monitored regularly. Service flow of all the products covered by this report, details of the service, is offered as standard on the current status and location information to the authorities by our specialists. In this way they are reported in detail all of us who prefer our customer service processes, the quality of service, with periodic reports and status can be queried.

Warranty Extension with Warranty Packages
Through HP Care Pack Packets or Contract Agreements, our customers throughout Turkey can select one of the alternative solutions such as 6 hour solution 24/7, 4 hour intervention, on site next day service, repair commitments on site, pre-determination of faults, and minimize any possible risks. In the non-HP products, Professional Support Services Agreement as multivendor different options can be provided by us. In this way it is both our customers can give their brands, independent hardware warranty extension services managed by the service guarantee for all product groups covered by the extended warranty needs.
Regional 7x24 Support Services
Artı & Artı as Turkeys 81 Regional Service Support Network with the province on behalf of HP can provide its own service centers or on-site warranty service as Expert HP ServiceOne the site. Service mark all items as well as commercial products to independent hardware and software level and can produce solutions. In addition to these services not only hardware and software, installation and prepared images together all customer product labeling, region and replaced with the old ones sent to branches and the granting of support transferring the information can provide safe services.