Project Installation And Management Services

  • Print Centre and Per Page Documentation Management
  • HPE Data Storage Systems
  • Corporate Network Technologies
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • Data Center Solutions
  • IT Consolidation & Virtualization
  • Information Security
  • HP DesignJet Solutions

  • Professional Support Agreements
  • HP Warranty Services
  • HP Warranty Packets
  • External Source Services
  • Regional 24/7 Technical Support
  • Microsoft Business Solutions & Consulting
  • Infrastructure and Structural Cabling
  • Professional Moving & Relocation
  • Consolidation and Business Continuity

The main steps we follow for the successful management of our projects;

Scope management
In short, the collection of project requirements, defining the scope, phase and the creation of a list of tasks and supervision comprise processes.
Time management
Identifying tasks appropriately sequencing, determination of making the necessary mandate and resources estimates, are they properly monitoring stage on a timeline.
Cost management
By carrying out cost estimates for duties, overseeing of project budget.

Human resources management
Project directing human resources plan in the framework of the correct and appropriate human resources and administration.
Risk Management
The construction of project risk plan, identification of risk, both qualitative and quantitative risk making the resolution, risk response planning, and monitoring program monitors them.
Change management
Determination of varying may occur during the project when necessary, planning, management and monitoring of the implementation process.

Communication management
Identifying the stakeholders of the project and making the communication plan to inform the stakeholders and staff involved in managing expectations, and include performance measurement and reporting service.
Supply management
Under the project all kinds of needed hardware, software and personnel to be employed in the procurement process is managed in the most effective and efficient way.
Integration management
The preparation of a project contract and the management plan, monitoring of the process will occur, inspection, monitoring of connections and transitions between each phase of the project and finally the right and is successfully finalized.

Quality management
The planning of quality plan, management to this plan and review of the project.