Sales Services

Artı & Artı is the First and Only Platinum Partner with Value Added Sales In All HP groups in Turkey.



Data storage

HPE 3PAR StoreServ,
HPE StoreVirtual,
HPE MSA1040/2040


HPE StoreOnce
HpE Dataprotector


Intel Based Rack/Tower
Blade type Servers


HPE Software Solutions,
Artı & Artı Software Solutions

Network Products

Switch, Router, Firewall, Access Point, Access Point Controller, Intelligent Managment Software (IMC), Software Defined Network (SDN)

PC, Notebook, Tablet

Thin Client and
Desktop Workstation

All-in-one workstation,
Mobile Work Station,
Mobile Thin client,
Zero thin client,
All-in-one thin client,
Flexible Thin Client

Performance Series and Large Scale Monitor
Printer & Plotter

Commercial Printers
(LaserJet Product series) ,
DesignJet Printers,


Graphics card (GPU),
Hard Disk,
Wall mount accessories

HP Financial Leasing Services
Enjoy the Latest Technology by leasing Your Equipment

HP Financial Services offers an easy and affordable way to take advantage of the technology worldwide to meet customers business needs. Customers should help to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership, from planning to purchase up to retirements without changing provides financial solutions for all stages. However it helps customers manage the risk of dealing with obsolete and will no longer use IT equipment.

From fixed assets to flexible assets

HP Financial Services offers the advantages of using technology without having to own it. The ability to sell and then leaseback pre existing equipment is provided by HP Financial Services to these companies. When the sale-leaseback option is preferred, the HP Financial Services purchases the existing IT assets belonging to the company, and leases them for a period determined. As a result, the company is able to benefit from the cash for the sold equipment, and retains the ability to utilize the equipment. At the end of the lease period, they no longer have the issue of disposing of outdated equipment.

HP Financial Leasing Service Advantages

Cash flow can be raised by selling existing equipment to HP Financial Services. Following this, they can lease back the same equipment with 34 to 48 monthly payments, and continue to use them without any disruption. Companies can update their systems with the cash obtained from the sale of equipment, and invest more in IT. If the systems used by the company will be of use for them for a longer period, they can purchase or elect to extend the leasing period. However, if they wish at the end of the leasing period they can easily move to new technologies and equipment. Leased items are not listed under “Fixed Assets” in the balance sheet. Lease invoice can be shown as an expense.

Artı & Artı Professional Sales Services and Solutions

Corporate System Solutions
  • Server Systems
  • Business Critical Server Systems
  • Data Storage Systems
  • Disk Based Backup Systems
  • Tape-Based Backup Systems
  • Desktop PC / Notebook Systems
  • Desktop Workstation Systems
  • Desktop Thin Client Systems (Thin Client)
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Retail Systems Solutions
  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions
  • Desktop Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions
Network Solutions
  • Corporate Network Technologies LAN/WAN
  • Wireless Network Solutions (Access Point / Controller)
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Network Management Solutions (IMC)
  • Infrastructure and Structured Cabling Services
  • WAN Accelerator Solutions
  • Load Balancer Solutions
  • Next Generation Firewall / IPS Solutions
  • Token and SSL VPN Solutions
Security Solutions
  • Critical Information Security Solutions
  • Virtualization Security Solutions
  • Mobile Security Solutions
  • Change Management Solutions
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Network Security Analysis
  • PCI scanning and Penetration testing solutions
  • Web & Email Security Solutions
  • Network Access Control (NAC) Solutions
  • 5651 and Log Correlation Solutions
  • Integrated Information Security

Printing & Imaging Solutions
  • Print Centre and Per Page Documentation Management
  • Color Printing Solutions
  • Large Format Printing Solutions (Desingjet)
  • SafeCom Secure Print Management Solutions
  • Long Term Leasing Solutions
Software Solutions
  • Microsoft Business Solutions and Consulting Services
  • VMware Business Solutions and Consulting Services
  • HPE Software Solutions (End to End IT Management)
  • Online Backup and Replication Solutions
  • Corporate Licensing Solutions
  • AssetPlus Inventory Management System
  • DeskPlus Help Desk Management
  • OrderPlus Online Order Management
  • ServisPlus Technical Service Management
Professional Services
  • Project Installation and Management Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Network Design & Engineering Services
  • Professional Support Services Agreement
  • Regional 7x24 Support Services
  • External Source Services
  • Moving Services
  • HP Warranty Services
  • HP Warranty Packet Services
  • Recycling and Second Hand Products Services
  • Data Center Automation
  • Software Update
  • Repair & Upgrade Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • System Analysis (Site Survey)

TURQUALITY®, is the one and only state supported branding program, created for our companies with product groups who have the potential to be branded and who have competitive advantage in our country, to provide administrative knowledge, institutionalization and development from their production to marketing, sales to after sales services, to enable them to be global players in an international market, and create and establish a Turkish product image using these brands in question.

What are the advantages?

On software development and branding strategy internationally continues to Artı ve Artı investment, the worlds first state-supported and unique branding programs that Turquality in the field of information technology companies involved in the program has been providing consultancy services. Supported brands under Turquality, Artı & Artı Technologies will license its services and information technology consulting services at a rate determined from the state (up to 50%) is support. Especially Turkish patented and branded companies can receive services in this context can be used as sales tools. All content related information can be found in detail on the web page TURQUALITY.

Together with our specialist resellers permanent Artı & Artı, I propose a partnership based on long-term and trust with you. Artı & Artı can send an e-mail address in order to take advantage of the or you can contact us through our dealer hotline number