Artı & Artı Corporate Business Partner

The development of virtualization, brings with it new issues in data creation and Cloud Services. Acronis is a backup program with helps backup all used applications. Acronic facilitates safe transfer of critical data, protection and backup in physical, virtual and cloud environments. Acronis, is one of the most efficient software used in backing up virtual servers on Vmware Sphere and Microsoft Server platforms. As an Acronis Platinum Partner, Artı & Artı, provides effective backup and disaster recovery programs for critical data. Thanks to its Unified Platform and new generation of technology, Acronic has been designed to lower total cost while developing innovative solutions, lightening management load and recovery time objectives.

High Speed Recovery

With Disk imaging within Acronis, in the event of any system crashing, the hard disk or desired documents can be recovered within minutes. Acronis’ patented disk image ability can save a snapshot of the computer and can recover it within minutes at any time.

Data Protection

Another important feature of the Acronis program is Disk Clone. For example, there is no space left on an old disk, and you do not wish to deal with reinstallation, transfer of settings etc. after having bought a new disk. It is just at this point that Disk Clone comes to the rescue, all files on your old disk are automatically copied to your new disk and you can start using your new disk without carrying out any installation.

Software Recovery

With the Try & Decide feature, Acronis allows users to install and try new programs or open suspect e-mails without any risk to the system. When this feature is used, all operations can be carried out on a special partition of the disk, and all changes can be undone with a single click if not satisfied with the changes made.