Inventory Management

Volume of business grows and the number of locations to manage their inventory, making it difficult to proliferate. The stock quantity in the accounting data of the analyses seem to match the actual stock quantity.

The stand taken by large investments in several asset repository, which have lost their life, where, what physical condition and in the case of inventory, which is leased to an unknown ownership, insurance and tax expenses can be paid more. The aforementioned conditions are not applied in the absence of inventory management or business, it cannot be determined as a result of not using the correct inventory management system.

As a result we paid unseen inventory taxes and insurance, the investments in new purchases and missing data with employees time more expenditure (labor and employee unit time costs) as a result are losing money.

Inventory Management?

Accurate Inventory Management Software by controlling the inventory of the life cycle, to ensure the continuity, reduce inventory costs by achieving the maximum level of benefits with minimal expenses and a profit should be the goal of businesses.

Under the scope of Inventory Management, as a result the analysis of the processes which make up the inventory life cycle by expert consultants and automation of Inventory Management by way of a correct inventory application software, providing maximum benefit with optimum manpower is the basis of Inventory Management.

System integrators or service providing companies of all services and operational processes to be followed in the cloud-based reporting that enables an application software.

ServicePlus Service Management System, by automating the existing processes of the technical service company, makes them scalable, analysable, reportable, controllable, and easier to administrate with less manpower and effort.

ServicePlus Service Management System, has been developed with the aim of providing product and contracted services in a controlled, correct, informative manner without lowering service quality to the customer, and is based on the principle of minimum expense and maximum benefit to both company and customer.

AssetPlus Features

  • Cloud based infrastructure
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Statement of location and department where Fixed Asset is located
  • Ability to take inventory lists on location basis
  • A fixed asset, as long as the company remains in the community, all movements of companies, institutions, people, departments, and is delivered on the basis of monitoring
  • The fact that a number of individual fixed assets, monitoring of any changes made, the past records will not be lost even if the community moves out
  • Just follow the limited size of the ERP project, the creation of a procedure relating to the fixed asset movement
  • Identification of the departments responsible for movement within the company according to type of fixed assets
  • Barcode system application
  • MS AD, SCCM, human resources software, ERP, etc. Help Desk. The software can be integrated with a flexible structure
  • Separate monitoring of fixed assets out of depreciation
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 and Android-based mobile applications quickly and correctly mediated progression of the census operation
  • The personnel files associated with the embezzlement records the location of inventory, to be followed in some departments and cost centres
  • Distribution of inventory costs to departments
  • Calculation of Inventory depreciation and amortization (TPL and IFRS)
  • E-mail notification regarding planned and all actions
  • All the information can be monitored in the desired format
  • Information ready for reporting in any shape, format and criteria

AssetPlus Administrative Features

  • Inventory Management
  • Liability Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Consumables Management
  • License Management
  • Demand Management
  • Agreement / Contract Management (Associated with Inventory)
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Campus Management


  • Real and accurate transfer and storage of inventory information to electronic environment
  • Tracking of inventory life cycle within business
  • Ensuring maximum benefit with minimum effort
  • Lowering of man power and elimination of user errors
  • Accurate and reliable calculation of depreciation information of inventory
  • Minimizing of rent, insurance and taxes by separating according to physical and ownership of inventory, elimination of extra and unrequired payments
  • Accurate and reliable calculation of depreciation
  • Analysis of inventory with financial reporting
  • Optimizing of planned capital budget

AssetPlus ROI ( Return of Investment )

AssetPlus Inventory Management Application Software facilitates the return of the investment in inventory while improving existing processes and ensuring maximum gain.

Reducing Costs

End of life, sold etc. Inventory tax, insurance, maintenance agreement etc. Determination of costs and payments

Increasing Revenue

The use of storage, underarm determination of standing inventory in the warehouse and the elimination of the commissioning of the new purchase

Creating New Profit Centers

Obtaining of income through the sale of inventory whose depreciation period has ended and requires replacement

Periodic Inventory

With periodical and spot counts, 70% reduction on time and manpower


Instant, fast, and flexible reports can be retrieved