Artı & Artı, as Citrix Silver Partner provides Desktop Virtualization Solutions!

Citrix products, at any time, and from the point where you want your application using the link in every speed continuous, safe and efficient access. The applications they want their users with more than 180,000 organizations Citrix Access Platform over the world and provides access to the corporate network or.

Citrix family of products using the benefits to businesses active within the information technology and application areas:

- Open up new business areas for companies,
- Use existing resources efficiently,
- Ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards,
-To create a solution to situations that could affect the functioning of the company, such as natural disasters and to ensure the continued functioning.

Todays corporate enterprises with the PC operating system or hardware upgrades spending has become a big burden for companies. Only the server that is running those applications after the opening applications use Citrix platform passed and the center is strong enough to keep the hardware configuration. Years in the configuration of the users computer is not required to make the slightest change.

Citrix architecture, company security threats, scattered information, and information security for the PC user is not required to keep the notebook can be ensured at the highest level.