Today’s IT realities bring with them complexity among multiple execution models, management systems and proprietary technologies. You need to manage this complexity easily and economically, with central visibility and control.

Obtaining Consistent
Security and Management

Security is a high priority for all organizations. Great challenges are experienced in ensuring consistent policies, administration and data protection in environments in IT whose complexity is ever increasing with ever more sophisticated cyber attacks.

Organizational Reactivity

Your IT organization must be able to rapidly respond to the expectations of the business world and government economically and at an appropriate service level.

To be successful in today’s digital world, your IT team must be a service provider for your work and a business partner for your success.

In order to resolve these challenges, you need a hybrid cloud solution offering you manageability and control. That is the idea behind HPE Helion.

HPE Helion:The fabric of your organization

HPE Helion is a portfolio of products and services facilitating the easy construction, management and consumption of workloads by your organization in a hybrid IT environment.

This portfolio includes everything from a public cloud, managed cloud and professional services of private cloud to infrastructure cloud solutions within the company.

HPE Helion becomes more than just a cloud, becoming the very fabric of your company. It brings together the cloud that your organization needs to move forward with confidence, with interactive open source manageability, the security your organization needs, as well as all the benefits and agility brought by reliability.

Everything You Need, In One Portfolio


The focus on openness of HPE Helion allows you to move applications in traditional, private, public IT environments, integrate and apply them. While using open source on one hand to accomplish your final customer-centric innovations, HPE Helion allows you to host the workload with the most logical approach. Your cloud, your way.


With HPE Helion, you will be sure that the visibility, control and administration of all products and services in a hybrid IT environment will be provided. HP are utilizing their decades of experience in operating systems and cryptology to strengthen OpenStack® technology. And on the other hand they are offering administration and security solutions measured with millions of nodes in the hybrid IT world.


HPE Helion accelerates obtaining business results. You have the change to upgrade or downgrade at any time with the correct economic resources. You can transfer to private cloud solutions within a few hours, and public cloud solutions within a few minutes. By allowing to pay as you use or what you us, HPE offers cloud economy to all solutions and execution models.

Why HP for hybrid cloud solutions?

HP is ideally placed with its hybrid cloud solutions prepared according to organization specific requirements in order to accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud solutions.

HP offers open source based products integrated with consistent management, industry leading security software and professional services to help you at every stage of your cloud journey in order for you to really benefit from hybrid IT.

HPE brings together products and services allowing common management and a simplified user experience in the increasingly complex world of hybrid IT.

HPE allows for work loads and applications to be matched with the correct presentation model dependent on whether they are hybrid, private or traditional IT.

As a Market leader in OpenStack cloud computing, hardware, software and professional services, HPE provides all the building blocks required to bridge your IT organization to the new style of IT.