HPE Software Solutions

A to Z IT Management

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, provides end to end and integrated software solutions on information technologies. ITPS (IT Performance Suite) IT solutions through URLs end as it would help you manage your business by enabling end process facilitates the management of their metric scalability.

Communication, Mobility, Service Model, Orchestration

Strategy and Planning
Solution Family

  • Executive Scorecard
  • Project & Portfolio
  • Management
  • Systinet (SOA)
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • HP Anywhere
Application Lifecycle
Solution Family

  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Application Lifecycle Intelligence
  • Sprinter
  • Business Process Testing Unified Functional Test
  • Performance Center/Load Runner
  • Application Security Center (Fortify, QA Inspect, WebInspect)
Business Service Manager
(HP BSM) Solution Family

  • Real User Monitor (HPE RUM)
  • Business Process Monitor (HPE BPM)
  • Diagnostics
  • TransactionVision (HPE TV)
  • Business Process Insight (HPE BPI)
  • Operations Manager (HPE OM)
  • SiteScope (HPE SiS)
  • Operations Manager i (HPE OMi)
  • Network Node Manager (NNMi)
  • Universal CMDB (HPE uCMDB)
  • Service Health Intelligence
Solution Family

  • Operations Orchestration (HPE OO)
  • Database & Middleware Automation (HPE DMA)
  • Server Automation (HPE SA)
  • Network Automation (HPE NA)
  • Storage Essentials (HPE SE)
  • Cloud Service Automation (HPE CSA)

Solution Family

  • ArcSight
  • Tipping Point
Service Management
Solution Family

  • Service Management
  • Asset Management
Big Data
Solution Family

  • Vertical
  • Autonomy

For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Needs
Rapidly Implemented Solutions



System Monitoring Packet
HPE agent-free infrastructure monitoring solutions, is a solution which allows over 150 agent-free measurements, performance and availability analysis, reporting, and the creation of alarms according to given threshold values for physical or virtual servers at data centers, data bases, application servers, network devices, operating systems, internet services and applications.
Network Monitoring Packet
HPE Network Discovery and Monitoring solution, has been developed to monitor and manage existing network infrastructure. Physical and virtual network components and those components by exploring the relationships between them, makes the network topology. On this topology, performance, traffic and accessibility values are monitored. Has the feature of being able to gather/monitor/connect problems on existing network devices. HPE Network Discovery and Monitoring solutions provide seamless network infrastructure availability and performance of the guarantee.

Test Processes Packets
HPE Application Lifecycle Management, is a solution where all steps of Software Development life cycle (SDLC) are provided with a central overview, where you can best manage your requirements, test and error processes in the life cycle in order to present your application and services to domestic and foreign customers in a more rapid, quality manner.
Test Automation Package
HPE Test Automation solution by testing the technology with different backgrounds or with applications or services automatically, you can determine the correct operation of the function. You can use the script you saved only once in each new version, so you can increase your speed or you can come earlier tests can test when you cannot state due to the Kishida.

Load Test Suite (Within Data Center)
With HPE Load and Performance Testing solutions, is a solution used to determine what sort of problems you will face when the services, applications or systems you are developing or making changes to, will face when going live, faced with 1000s of users or used by external service, to carry out load testing using different scenarios and user profiles.
Service Desk Suite (Data Center)
HPE Service Management solution, organizations improve process efficiency and help desk costs and improving efficiency, standardization and guaranteeing compliance with the effective process controls, thus eliminating risks. As well as service life cycle of IT processes across the organization supports innovation by moving to automation.