Online Order Management

As the volume of businesses grow, central purchases and within company standardization becomes difficult. As well as to receive support within the company for failure to provide the standardization shortage also affects the relationship between personnel.

The purchase of necessary items needed during the year due to inflation as well as differences in market conditions being experienced. Price changes are planned in the budget to overcome this challenge to come or unable to fully meet the needs gives rise.

B2B Online Order Management?

Provide planned and approved by the realization of purchases throughout the year, constitutes ensure intake below the standard prices and market value and can meet end users needs for companies by providing the combination of products and services for the organization fixed price catalogue selection. Despite telephone and face to face shopping being carried out as a habit from the past, it allows, starting from business to business (B2B) electronic commerce with a radically different shopping stage, to the listing of services bundled within the product or the listing of options, as well as the instantaneous monitoring of logistic services after shopping. Thus, increased customer satisfaction is provided for the organization.

OrderPlus; people with fixed prices determined automatically contactless corporate products and services in the web environment by commercial firms from developed institutions for purchases and orders are easy to follow (B2B) order is a web portal. Product will be determined fixed purchase optional services may be provided to the product but all the IT and non-IT-based products, by-products are associated with categorical as the main product. Product group, product, company and demand-based authorization approval, workflows, and processes can be created.

OrderPlus Features

  • Different products able to be sold under same roof
  • Operation of Request and Approval mechanism
  • Creation of visual and detailed explanation catalogues related to products
  • The ability to present product related services as a bundle or option
  • Creation of shopping and order list
  • Order tracking
  • Ability to monitor logistics services related to products purchased
  • Measuring of SLA of company providing sales service or service
  • Automated e-mail notification regarding orders and purchases
  • Order and performance reports instantly obtainable


  • 1 products in order to provide a fixed price for a specified amount of annual purchases worth ensuring market supply available more cheaply.
  • Allows approval process and monitoring to be carried out in electronic environment and with more speed.
  • It provides increased user satisfaction for the company.
  • It does not require space to accommodate product
  • The person concerned or shipment of products from the warehouse to the location for sending / forwarding does not require the organization
  • Allows for product ordering, delivering and reporting with less manpower.

OrderPlus ROI (Return of Investment)

Reducing Costs

Obtaining of catalogue products below fair value and lowering logistic service costs

Reducing time and manpower utilization


Instant, fast, and flexible reports can be retrieved

Allows the obtaining of date, company/subsidiary, product group, quantity and cost based reports.