Technical Service Management

Service suppliers of falling inversely proportional to the growth of business volumes as quality of service, monitoring the jobs done, planning and evaluation of the performance of technical staff made a healthy start to fail. The main reason for the above mentioned systematic service management system is due to the use or apply the appropriate company.

Failure to Firms by Service Management Systematic structure formed of a failure to apply the correct standard, the most important result in lower service quality within a short period of time. He said he could not control the situation as a result of many firms unable to manage its current business and growing smaller and unfortunately closed.

As a result of uncontrolled and system structures hosting customers, lose their positions in the capital and industry.

Technical Service Management?

True Service Management software with in-house needs properly met by the end service management with a systematic, measurable, reportable and should be the goal of the operation is provided, most importantly continuity.

The systems integrator or service company specialized in providing all services and is to be followed in the operational process and application software that enables cloud-based reporting.

ServicePlus Service Management System, by automating the existing processes of the technical service company, makes them scalable, analysable, reportable, controllable, and easier to administrate with less manpower and effort.

ServicePlus Service Management System customer, control of products and agreements based services, right, has been developed to provide as soon as possible without reducing the informative and quality of service should the company is hosting a benefit principle of maximum with the minimum outlay for both the customer.

ServicePlus Features

  • Cloud based Infrastructure
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Performance Measurement (KPI)
  • Fault Diagnostic and Expertise
  • Parts and Labor Cost Tracking
  • Automatic Quote for Maintenance-Repair and Part Exchange
  • Discount Ratio Based on Product, Customer and Project (%)
  • Re-Repair Tracking and Management
  • Spare Part Management
  • Stock Management
  • Delivery Management and Tracking
  • Real Time (Real Time) Mobile Application Platform
  • Integration Capability (Accounting Software, AssetPlus, DeskPlus)
  • Warranty and Insurance Management
  • Customer and Product-Based SLA Management
  • Automatic E-mail and SMS Notification Regarding Completed Transactions
  • Brand-Model, Parts, Technician and Customer Based Statistical Reporting
  • Scheduled and Instant Flexible Reporting Feature


  • Real and accurate transfer and storage of inventory information to electronic environment
  • Tracking of inventory life cycle within business
  • Ensuring maximum benefit with minimum effort
  • Lowering of man power and elimination of user errors
  • Accurate and reliable calculation of depreciation information of inventory
  • Minimizing of rent, insurance and taxes by separating according to physical and ownership of inventory, elimination of extra and unrequired payments
  • Accurate and reliable calculation of depreciation
  • Analysis of inventory with financial reporting
  • Optimizing of planned capital budget

ServicePlus ROI ( Return of Investment )

ServicePlus Service Management System with work / time savings, employee resource optimization is obtained though the achievable quality of service provided to customers earnings growth.

Reducing Costs

Personnel optimization, reduction of incorrect spare parts orders and transport costs.

Increasing Revenue

Ensuring revenue growth by expanding its customer portfolio and volume.

Creating New Profit Centers

Obtaining of income through the sale of inventory whose depreciation period has ended and requires replacement.

Creation of Additional Management

Creation of auxiliary services creating the entirety of services such as spare parts, stock, shipping.


Statistical, instant, fast, and flexible reports can be retrieved

Service quality and customer satisfaction can be measured

Demand for expertise in providing remote and on-site where the fault repair products based technicians to analyse and report on