Trend Micro

Artı & Artı Corporate Business Partner

Trend Micro, a global leader in the IT security field, so that they can exchange digital information company in the world and develops security solutions that make a safe place for consumers. Server security with over 25 years experience in security, cloud security and is recognized as the market leader in small business content security.

Trend Micro offers solutions to protect all the devices they use for end users, optimizing safety in modern data centers and networks is secured against targeted attacks. New targets can stop faster, better, and can detect data breaches physical, first-class client-server capable of maintaining virtual and cloud environments, providing network and cloud-based protection solutions.

Trend Micro ™ Smart Protection Network ™ to power the security solution for global threat intelligence systems, it is supported by more than 1200 security professionals in the world. Trend Micros business partner in Turkey, Artı & Artı helps customers with information security and management.


Layered, intelligent and smart working real-time protection


Purpose-designed, and easy to deploy thrusting load on system resources, easy to manage protection

Proper Security

To adapt to new technologies and new threats to the front so you can see trends, dynamic environment to keep up with security