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Veeam, VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform Sphere is one of the most efficient software used to back up virtual servers on. Veeam Backup & Replication, backup is a lot more virtualized applications and data for fast, flexible and reliable way to recover. It combines backup and replication in a single solution.

Veeam propartner the Artı & Artı, as a trusted advisor to clients, as well as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization Sphere offers all the tools you need to achieve long-term competitive advantage in practice. Veeam propartner, which can take about Veeam products and licensing through the Artı & Artı, you can request a quotation.

For VMware and Hyper-V
Number 1 Virtual Machine Backup

Backup, Recovery, Replication and MORE
High Speed Recovery
Fast recovery of
what you want, as you want

Veeam Backup & Replication of entire virtual machines, bringing different files and applications at your fingertips for an extremely quick and safe recovery of items that provide low recovery time objectives under 15 minutes.

Data Loss Prevention
Almost continuous data protection
and automated disaster recovery

Veeam Backup & Replication, automated disaster recovery by providing a safe and simple data protection outside the workplace for 15 minutes under recovery point objectives (RPO to) provide the ability to access.

Approved Protection
The guaranteed recovery of all files, applications or virtual servers every time

Veeam Backup & Replication all vSphere and Hyper-V backup and automatically tests each time the replica. Your files, you can restore your applications and virtual server needs.

Data Usage
Benefiting from backup data to create a full copy of the production environment

Veeam Backup & Replication, taking your backups and replicas of production prior to the introduction of production-like environment reduces the risks associated with the putting into operation of the application.

Full Visibility
Proactive monitoring and alerting to the problem before it impacts the work environment

Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam ONE offers the following by combining with the upgrade to the suite makes Availability:

7/24 real-time monitoring and alerting: Provides information regarding backup and performance issues

Resource optimization and capacity planning: Takes the guesswork out of planning and provides visibility in resource utilization

Fully customizable reporting: Simplifies backup compliance and audit requirements

Uninterrupted Modern Data Center

Organizations, IT services more quickly get to, modernizing their data centers to reduce operating costs and strengthen security control. Organizations creating modern data centers, server virtualization, investing in modern storage applications and cloud-based services. However businesses are faced with new demands from end users,

  • 7/24 access to data and applications,
  • The intolerance shown to downtime or data loss,
  • 30-50% data growth annually.

This award-winning technology in Veeam Business UPS employees in place of the continuous operability requirements and IT capabilities to efficiently deliver offers the following:

  • Recovery of a faulty virtual machine in a short period of 2 minutes
  • Almost continuous data protection with built-in replication.
  • Lower RPO and 20 times faster backup through snapshots of NetApp storage with the HP reserves
  • Passing of all backups and replicas from automatic restoration test
  • WAN Acceleration built according to the standard file copying up to 50 times faster backups outside the workplace
  • Fast and secure cloud backups with Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Data reduplication and compression to minimize data consumption
  • One-click Failover recovery sites outside of the workplace and the transition easier for the data center with zero data loss