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Artı & Artı, with experience and knowledge in how organizations can more effectively, efficiently and make more flexible use of their resources, what sort of structuring they should move towards in order to lower costs and increase efficiency, also standards out with their work in the virtualization field.

In particular, Data Storage, Data Management, Security, and to develop integrated projects undergoing life Artı & Artı on Business Continuity, VMware partner was increasing its capabilities on virtualization.

With virtualization, corporations are no longer condemned to a standard order in their IT work. Virtualization, which almost completely eliminates boundaries, provides significant savings on hardware needs and usage in particular. Artı & Artı, having started from the area of the use of many systems in combination, testing produced software safely in different environments, and allowing many similar works to be carried out in a virtual environment; and the reality that increasing data stacks and number of processes will lead to it being used far more in the coming period, continues with its competencies in Virtualization.


VMware is a company that produces virtualization software. Founded in 1999, the companys desktop software for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is running on. In addition, VMware ESX and ESXi software products as corporate "bare-metal" hypervisor that runs directly on the hardware has.

VMware virtualization is helping to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime for server consolidation by lowering the investment costs to a minimum by reducing the time lost revenue and operating expenses through automation.

Lower your capital and operating costs by increasing energy efficiency with server integration and requiring less hardware.

By using improved and simplified disaster recovery solutions with VMware® vCenter Site Recovery Manager™, develops business continuity and disaster recovery features for virtual infrastructure.

Databases (Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase) included in Tier 1 business-critical enterprise applications, business applications (SAP Business Suite, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, SAP), virtualization and the highest SLAs Deliver and higher performance.

Using VMware for virtualization management vrealiz Operations, it will get a chance to automation based on principles and provide an infrastructure compatibility and performance with zero intervention.

Server Virtualization

Architecture of todays x86 servers, these servers gives opportunities to work with only one operating system at a time. Server virtualization; separating the operating system and applications from the physical hardware, it unlocks the traditional architecture of the x86 server and thus a lower cost, allowing the agile and simplified server environment. Using multiple operating systems, server virtualization, virtual machines, each of which can work as gain access to the computing resources of the server in the background on a single physical server.

Server virtualization, reveals the potential of today’s x86 servers. Most servers running at less than 15 percent of capacity; this not only creates quite an inefficient state, but also brings the server sprawl and complexity.

Network Virtualization

Network virtualization is a reproduction of a physical network entirely in software. Virtual networks, offers the same features and guarantees a physical network and also supply fast for both old and new applications, cutting deployment, automated maintenance and virtualization-specific operating benefits and hardware independence as support also provides.

Network virtualization; depending on the workload of the logical ports, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, and offers a more logical form of networking devices and services. Applications operate on the virtual network just as they would on a purely physical network.

All VMware network virtualization monitoring supported by the software, with QoS and security, a higher level of operating efficiency and the ability to more quickly supply can create troubleshooting and cloning highly scalable network infrastructure offering.

Desktop Virtualization

Managed distributed desktops as a service gives you the ability to react more quickly to changing needs and opportunities. Branch to, those working from outside and from outside sources and reduce costs through domestic and IOS mobile users quickly and easily deployed virtualized desktops and applications on Android tablets and improve services.

VMware desktop solutions; scalable to provide maximum uptime and productivity, consistent, it is completely safe and highly accessible property.

By presenting desktop computers as a service, facilitates distribution and management.
Without compromising performance, it provides employees with secure remote access from home and temporary users.
Application Virtualization

Enterprises; databases, ERP, CRM, e-mail, collaboration, call Java software, as well as in business intelligence and many other areas, they are increasingly virtualizing most of their vital business applications and platforms.

In order to protect the required QoS and SLA levels required for these business applications in a virtual environment, IT companies, must focus equally on both the virtualization components of the project, and the robust management and monitoring of the virtual business applications, and the maintenance of corporate policy regarding business continuity and disaster recovery.

This virtualized applications run better and high availability, disaster recovery, speed and flexibility and at the same time providing cloud preparations. VMware vCloud Suite VMware Stage 1 Application Virtualization is built on the one hand, infrastructure, while simplifying brings the highest level of efficiency and cost eliminates the excess supply can improve the quality of the other hand, it offered IT services.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization; In addition, without requiring the purchase of a storage hardware, performance, and space it is part of the software-defined storage layers to provide improvements in productivity.

It should allow the rapid supply, so high-performance, efficient storage operations in terms of space, today carried out as fast as it can perform a virtual machine. An intuitive virtual machine-oriented managers who undertake more tasks for virtual storage management in virtual environments should provide storage management model. Also, well-known, to offset the natural workflow it should be integrated with the hypervisor platform.

VMware storage virtualization; Addressing the virtualization distribution of physical storage resources, it is a combination of features that abstraction layer for managing and optimizing.