Corporate Network Technologies
HPE FlexFabric

HPE FlexFabric solution is a software based Data Center network infrastructure providing integrated data architecture service. The data centre networks are located on a very important turning point. HPE FlexFabric; provides an architecture approach allowing simplified, scalable and automatic connection for Storage, Cloud and virtualization processes. By reducing the complexity of the 75% of the Data Center Network structure, it provides a unified management in physical and virtual network structure. Thus it provides a structure free of license confusion and extra costs.

HPE FlexCampus

In structures with a scattered network architecture, in Campus networks with authorization and security management needs in the forefront, development is required to meet services and demands of users like interactive and video wealth. Campus networks must provide cable connections and the required infrastructure to allow the easy and secure access to applications and services by mobile employees. HPE FlexCampus solution, by providing a superior user experience, facilitates network architecture and management, and allows for performance and stability by meeting the needs of today.

HPE FlexBranch

The structure, which is smaller and regional connections offered by the HPE flexbranch solution flexcampus structure, improves the user experience by integrating networking and connected to different locations in the center applications.

This solution increases productivity by facilitating internal efficiency in central management. Edge branches are fixed and lowers IT costs. flexbranch Flex is part of the Network Architecture and general user experience like structures scattered in multiple locations LAN offers a comprehensive networking portfolio.

HPE FlexManagement

Today is the world of show business requirements grow rapidly, Information Technology are forced to add new products and services every day of the inventory to meet these requirements. However, to enter the corporate network of mobile devices, which leads to this traffic can be monitored and managed in terms of the problems. Managment Flex architecture in network security network with a software solution that will eliminate this problem, offering serious facilities in terms of management and monitoring. The problems you may encounter in your network structure due to ease of use allows you to take precautions in advance whether stimulating the difference.

Software Defined Network (SDN)
Software-Based Network
The networks of today are becoming ever more complex by the day. The complexity of the topology, for although the company is causing serious problems in terms of manageability costs. In order to eliminate this problem for a long time been working on HPs SDN technology it has now come to be used for the company level. SDN performance in network traffic, eliminating the problems mentioned by implementing security and routing thanks. As a result, relieve the workload of the SDN and network professionals provide significant benefits to both companies in the financial sense.

Is the only manufacturer that extends HPE SDN technology from End point to Datacenter,
Infrastructure to Management