Data Center

Our Data Center Solutions

  • Low-energy Green Data Center solutions
  • Energy systems, power supplies, generators
  • Automatic gas fire detection systems FM200, Argonite and Novec 1230
  • Climate-controlled precision air conditioning systems
  • Data Center Discovery and Design
  • Data and power cabling infrastructure
  • IP camera viewing systems
  • Access control systems, Biometric, proximity card and so on. fire resistant doors
  • Raised floors and vent systems
  • Server and Switch Rack cabinets

Is the system whose redundancy and continuity is most important. That is why UPS must be used with redundancy. If the issue in question is power supply, then you must keep a backup of each device on your system. This will bring with it an added cost, but if Energy is disrupted, everything stops. The goal is to prevent a major financial loss to live is to take measures in case of a problem will occur with little cost.

Is one of the central objectives of Data Centres. Uncontrolled movements in the Data Centre is contrary to the logic of Data Centre establishment. Entry of unauthorized personnel to Data Centre should be restricted. An outside official working without the supervision of authorize personnel increases the error rate during work, and disrupts information security. The control of entry and exits and logging is important for restoration when required. Different systems are seen for entry and exit authorization and control. Today, the most common are card system and finger print scanning devices. It is also encountered in the use of retina scanners.

A large majority of devices in the Data Centre generate high temperatures quickly. All systems experience loss of performance and failure in the event of overheating. Thus, it is the most important unit in ensuring the continuity of Cooling. Undertakes a majority of energy consumption. Thus maximum benefit must be obtained through Minimum cost. Today, the most common cooling method is cold air (air conditioning). Water cooling (Green Data Center) is appearing as a new solution. Due to the importance of continuity, the redundancy of cooling systems is very important.

Raised Flooring & Vent System
After the cable laying process in the Data Center installation process finished flooring should be done together. Channels are used in cable blowing. Channels are used to separate UTP, Fiber and Energy cables from each other. As it is known, cables are affected by each others magnetism. This could lead to data loss and loss of function. Fireproof cables should have a preference priority. Leaving the air conditioning vent was opened to the raised floor in front of goal cabin cold weather is not conducive to the healthy way to deliver and cabling. Fire sensors should be placed under the floor.

Fire Fighting System
Fire is one of the worst scenarios that can be faced by a Data Centre. Thus it is a system which is unavoidable in our Data Centre. Fire extinguishing system solutions to be found in the Data Center and in a way that will not harm personnel. Therefore gases with this feature should be used. The aim of the gas extinguishing system is to absorb all the oxygen inside. One of his first moves will be so when the sensor detects a fire zones will disable the air conditioning of the interior. In this way, it will prevent the spread of smoke throughout and prevent the severity of the fire from increasing. The gases used in the solutions mentioned are FM200, Argonite and Novec 1230.

Monitoring and Response
Monitoring is required for security and the predetermination of bad scenarios which may occur. As a priority, the Data Centre must be under 24/7 video surveillance and montored. An unwanted situation that may occur in the 7/24 monitoring personnel who are responsible should contact the staff by importance or he must be in close proximity to intervene Data Center. Unwanted situations may not only occur at Data Centres as a result of system or security problems. Physical conditions are very important in this regard. Leaking water leaks from the air conditioning, heat, fire, voltage fluctuations and air quality monitoring should be followed by the claims contained in the information and instant. These notifications can be forwarded to the responsible person by email or SMS. If such a unit is not found in the Data Center; physical adversities that may occur, you may have noticed you too late for intervention. Earthquakes keep the agenda busy in today’s Turkey. In this case your Data Centre must be able to maintain continuity even when faced with natural disaster. Various solutions to the earthquake disaster response are manufactured by companies operating in this sector. The position of the Data Centre is very important in flood disasters. Fire detection and intervention system is a unit which contains more automation and more expense. Use the extinguishing agent, the devices in the data center and must not harm the staff. Today, harm to human health and the gases used for this purpose that the results are available immediately.