Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions
Effective business continuity analysis,

A disaster is expected to continue at a normal or acceptable level of service immediately. A tool to model the production environment in order to meet such expectations are inevitable attention to the issues. Analysis of existing business applications, IT infrastructure and emergency situations compatibility conditions of the analyzes carried observed.

Determination of risk factors,

According to the priorities defined exceptional cases, prominence or methods will vary. The risk determined in accordance with the priorities of the institution of the usual risk factors map of removing and identifying the precautions to be taken in respect of the work is done.

Improving Business Continuity,

They prioritize business applications and increasing the redundancy of the IT infrastructure of the institutions be adapted to the direction of consulting services we provide emergency conditions.

Archive and Backup

In this period of historical data archive needs are growing quite appreciated the correct proportions. At the same time hot backup of data and the need to return quickly is needed quickly when needed. As Artı ve Artı, we offer Disk and Tape Based Backup Solutions to our customers.