HPE Data Storage Systems
HPE 3PAR StoreServ
Storage System

Offers unique architecture from medium to large scale. Meets the block, file and object needs from a single system. Ease of transportation with storage federation, allows seamless scalability with active active controller architecture. Offers affordable Corporate Properties and Flexibility. Automatic DR structuring protects your data with a single step. Mixed workload support increases the possibility of consolidation. Permanent Technologies provides ease of use and Tier1 durability . The industry-leading Thin Technologies lowers capacity requirements.

HPE MSA1040 Storage System
Designed for entry level consolidation and virtualization needs.
HPE MSA2040 Storage System
Designed for Entry and Medium level consolidation and virtualization needs. Offers a unique experience in data storage and data security needs with Solid State Drive, Snapshot and Volume Copy, Replication and Encrypted Disk technologies.

HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Storage System
Is an unrivalled data storage solution designed for virtual infrastructure with scale out architecture, where capacity and performance grow at the same rate.
HPE StoreEasy Storage System
StoreEasy product family is an efficient, safe and highly usable storage solution for your files and applications.

Backup Systems

HPE StoreOnce Backup System
Are disk based backup systems offering micro level deduplication, global deduplication solutions. Offers a unique infrastructure scalable from 5.5TB to 1.7PB according to needs.
HPE StoreEver Backup System
For long term data storage technologies, the indispensable environment is tape drives. Offers professional solutions in media and automation.